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Data valid for life in 100+ countries

Our prepaid world data sim card runs on multiple networks in each country. Get the best cellular coverage. High speed 4G Internet connection in 100+ countries. We never throttle down internet speed. We never filter traffic. The prepaid data you buy is valid forever if refilled once a year.

This data only SIM card comes with adapters and is compatible with all unlocked devices including iPads, tablets, wifi hotspots, dual sim phones, laptops.

This sim card can be used with FREE and paid local phone numbers in the USA, Canada, UK, Poland and other countries. These numbers can be used for regular calls, SMS and authentication requests. The phone numbers are provided by our partner mobile apps.

FREE shipping to 200+ countries!

Each Lifetime line comes with 1GB of data included. Order now and get 2GB bonus data coupon. Use it anytime you wish during 1 year.

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Deze unieke features zorgen ervoor dat je voortaan altijd en overal online bent
Savings every month
Why to pay mobile operator every month if you use WiFi at home and at work? Lifetime Pay As You Go Plan is designed to save you money every month.
Unthrottled 4G LTE
Global 4G LTE data without
any throttling or filtering
Data you buy does not expire
You can use every single byte of data you bought from us because it never expires. You just need to refill at least once a year.
Global Coverage
Connect to local cellular networks in 100+ most traveled countries.
Activates Instantly
Your SIM will arrive activated. Slip it in your mobile device, change the APN settings and you are ready to go.
Fits all mobile devices
Comes with a 3-in-1 set of nifty adapters that fit any unlocked SIM-enabled mobile device.

Service built around you

Around the clock Support
24/7 support from our highly experienced professionals - even on holidays.
Access via chat or email.
Free shipping
We deliver to your hotel, office or residence. Ships free to 38 countries worldwide. Expedited/overnight shipping available.
See your
Quality guarantee
If you are not happy with your product, you may return it within 14 days.
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Werkt de simkaart met mijn mobiele apparaat?

De keepgo datasimkaart werkt met alle geschikte smartphones, tablets en mobiele Wi-Fi routers, onder andere: iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Galaxy, Nexus, LG, etc.

Hoe weet ik of mijn apparaat geunlocked is?

If you are not sure if your mobile device is unlocked, try using it with a SIM from a different carrier. Alternatively, you may call your carrier or review your contract to find out if your device is locked.

Kan ik de Keepgo simkaart testen voor ik op reis ga?

Ja, dat kan. Stop hem in je telefoon of ander mobiel apparaat, pas de APN-instellingen and give it a test drive. Set it up at home and start using the internet right after deplaning in your destination.
Uiteraard werkt het alleen in landen die binnen de dekking vallen.

Please note that in each country we partner with one or two local cellular networks. You might experience connectivity difficulties where there is no cellular coverage of our partner carrier. This is especially true if you are testing your device in your home country and happen to live outside of a major metropolitan center.

Hoe activeer in mijn simkaart?

Go to and enter your SIM card ICCID and your email address. Then just slip in the SIM card into your mobile device, change the APN-instellingen , zet roaming aan, en je bent online. Op dat moment zal je simkaart namelijk automatisch geactiveerd worden. Voor instructies met betrekking tot de APN-instellingen voor je mobiele apparaat verwijzen we je naar de uitgebreide handleiding die bij de simkaart zit.

How can I get 2GB of bonus data?

You will receive the 2GB coupon code inside the purchase email after ordering a Lifetime prepaid data SIM card or Lifetime mobile travel WiFi hotspot. Bonus data is valid for 1 year.

The coupon code is valid for 1 year. You can apply it to get free 2GB whenever you wish.

To apply the coupon code, go to

  • 1. Choose your Lifetime line.
  • 2. Click More Details.
  • 3. Click the “Redeem Free Data” button. Enter the coupon code and click “Apply”.

Hoe zorg ik dat mijn simkaart niet kapot gaat?

Hier zijn een paar tips hoe je met je simkaart moet omgaan:

  • Vermijd contact met de gouden chip op de onderkant van de simkaart
  • Buig de sim niet
  • Zorg dat de sim zo geplaatst wordt dat de gouden chip contact maakt met de contactjes van je mobiele apparaat.
  • Houd de simkaart altijd schoon en droog
  • Vermijd extreme temperaturen en magnetische velden

Wat zit er precies in het pakket?

Het pakket bevat:

  • Voorgeactiveerde nanosimkaart
  • Multi-simkaarthouder op creditcardformaat
  • Micro en standaard simkaartadapters zodat de simkaart in elk apparaat past
  • Simkaartsleutel
  • Handleiding

What can I do with 1GB of 4G LTE data on my smartphone?

  • 170 minutes of streaming HD videos
  • 2600 online page visits
  • 1000 minutes of streaming music files
  • 130 minutes of video calling
  • 350 photos upload and download
  • 12000 minutes of GPS navigation
  • Sending or receiving 100000 of text-only emails

Welke telecomproviders gebruikt Keepgo wereldwijd?

We maken gebruik van de best beschikbare netwerken. Hier is een complete lijst van gecontracteerde telecomproviders

Kan ik de hotspotfunctie (tethering) van mijn smartphone gebruiken met de KeepGo simkaart?

Tethering works in most countries with most mobile device models. Because it depends on the local provider and the specific device model we cannot guarantee it will work everywhere. On the other hand our mobile wifi hotspot does work everywhere. If you are planning to travel with several WiFi-enabled devices, you can opt for the Keepgo Mobile WiFi Hotspot to guarantee that you will be able to connect all your devices (up to 16) to the internet in any location. Keep in mind that Mobile WiFi Hotspot has a few advantages over tethering on your phone:

  • Je bespaart de accu van je telefoon;
  • Je kunt zonder problemen meerdere apparaten tegelijk verbinden;
  • Je kunt voor een langere periode online blijven zonder wegvallende of afgeknepen internetverbinding;
  • You can keep your original SIM in your phone

Why is hotspot(tethering) not working with my smartphone/tablet?

Tethering does not work in all countries with all smartphone/tablet models. If you are unable to tether your smartphone/tablet please contact support( or live chat) and let us know where you are unable to tether and your device model.

How can I refill data on my Keepgo SIM?

Keepgo offers many convenient ways to add data to your balance:

You simply refill your data when you run out. We will send you an alert via email or text notification when your balance falls below 250Mb, 100Mb or reaches 0Mb.

For your convenience, you can set up auto-refill, where your account will be refilled with 1GB of data every time your balance drops below 100Mb. Auto-refill can be set up through your personal account .

How do I register Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat with my Keepgo SIM card?

You will need to use your local mobile number before using the Keepgo SIM card as some apps like WhatsApp require phone number verification for registration. You may be able to receive a verification code from the app via SMS but WhatsApp and other apps do not allow for the long phone number the Keepgo SIM card has.

We recommend that you register and verify your local mobile phone number before using the Keepgo SIM card. This way you will have the same number and your friends and contacts do not need to make any changes in their contacts.

Can I switch from GoFi Prepaid Plan to Lifetime Prepaid Plan?

Yes. You can make a switch at your Personal Account. Go to Lines > More Details option at your Line’s managing panel > Switch Plan. Please keep in mind that when you switch a line to the Lifetime Prepaid Plan your GoFi Prepaid data does not transfer over. Your Line will be automatically refilled with 1GB of data according to the prices specified.

Can I switch back from Lifetime Prepaid Plan to GoFi Prepaid Plan?

Yes, but keep in mind that if you switch your line from Lifetime Prepaid Plan to GoFi Prepaid Plan, your Lifetime data won’t transfer over. You will be billed a monthly payment for GoFi Europe USA plan and 1GB of monthly data will be added to your GoFi Europe USA line.

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